As a textile service company, our range of services is geared to the very specific needs of our customers. In doing so, we are breaking new ground for our customers and have developed from a recognized problem solver to an international system provider that today not only integrates a whole range of services, but also networks major European locations.


Our main company, WKS Textilveredlungs-GmbH in Wilsum, has grown strongly over the past decades in an old traditional textile center in the German-Dutch border area. Competence and commitment of our employees enable us to permanently improve the quality and professionalism of our services. The motivation of our employees is based on their strong identification with the company and results from an open corporate climate that promotes constructive cooperation among all.


In Istanbul, we offer our customers qualified fabric inspection of fabrics including accompanying laboratory tests as well as competent garment inspection. In spacious areas, specialized staff carry out AQL tests through to full inspections. We have also implemented our proven successful concept of "everything from a single source" at this location: Cooperation with professional logistics partners literally takes place under one roof. Our German- and English-speaking operations manager, together with his team, is very reliable and committed to the needs of our customers on site.


Since 2005, WKS Hungary has been a central logistics hub in Debrecen, which is optimally positioned for Eastern European PLV operations in the logistics network. Debrecen is a location where we compete together with the Meyer & Meyer Group and develop holistic solutions for new tasks of our customers that function smoothly in everyday life.

Supply chain management, optimization of the flow of goods, shortening of lead times and cost reduction are topics and goals that we discuss intensively with our customers in order to always be able to tailor our services to the requirements of the market.



Romania is still an important location for the production of clothing. Our laundry / dyeing plant in Talmaciu is equipped with modern washing and finishing technology and offers all current processes at a high quality level.


The WKS Group has already been successfully represented in Romania for 20 years. Using new technologies, the company has been successfully washing and dyeing there for years. Experienced specialists give denims and other articles in the scraping/used sector the latest fashionable look. The existing equipment in the color laboratory and in the washing and finishing area guarantees results at the highest quality level.

Dominican Republic

WKS has many years of experience in the field of washing, dyeing and finishing of high quality textiles.

In the Dominican Republic, we offer our customers qualified execution of all common washing processes at the highest quality level.

We guarantee authentic washes and creative effects - through the expertise of our professionals, using the latest technology.


> White Paper zur Bekleidungsproduktion in der Dominikanischen Republik


WKS has been represented in Prato, the pulsating heart of the Italian textile industry, with a comprehensive range of services since September 1999. Prato is one of the outstanding industry centers in the entire western world. Creative fashion, innovative technologies and textile dynamics characterize Prato like hardly any other location.

Under the enormous time pressure of hectic daily business, it is a great help to have a competent and neutral partner on site to ensure adherence to schedules, quality and cost efficiency. Through close cooperation with WKS in Wilsum, we enable our customers to benefit from considerable synergy effects and ensure that work is carried out pragmatically in Prato to solve their tasks.

With the decentralization of our laboratory and product inspection activities, we offer you, on the one hand, even more market proximity and flexibility, and on the other hand, through the association of our services, recourse to a wide range of services and the support of a large number of qualified experts and competent specialists.


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