What does WKS actually do?

What does WKS actually do?
Februar 27, 2020
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März 5, 2020

What does WKS actually do?


Our clear vision is: „No more disposable fashion!“

That´s why we offer our customers a broad portfolio of repair services, which in many cases represent the best solution from both an economic and ecological point of view.

For example, colour differences in parts of your collection can be levelled out in a washing- and cleaning-resistant manner using our innovative processing method.

Other frequently occurring faults are soiling in the form of stains of various origins.

It does not matter whether it´s the oil of the sewing machine, the use of wrong marker pens or e.g. transport-related soiling.

We remove these defects professionally and competently, in some cases using specially developed and particularly gentle processes.

Of course, we also use the possibilities of our in-house washing technology and modern dry cleaning.


„Fashion is our passion. That’s why we value the creativity and innovation of our customers and have the greatest respect for the achievements of the entire textile and clothing industry. Together we want to ensure that this passion is always in harmony with sustainability and climate protection.“

Bernhold Emme-Zumpe

Head of Quality Management